For many years, we have been the roofing contractor and home improvement contractor of choice for lots of homeowners throughout the Elizabethtown, Harrisburg, Hershey, and Pennsylvania areas.

metal roof installed in Central PennsylvaniaWe are very happy to be able to offer a wide variety of home improvement and roofing services to our customers. In many cases, customers choose to work with us on initial projects such as roofs or gutters, only to hire us for additional projects they have wanted to complete for years, but never felt comfortable with a contractor. As a long-time roofing contractor, we have had the privilege of performing many different types of roof replacements and roof repairs over the years. Here are some of our service areas.

Roofing Services In Pennsylvania

  • Flat roof replacement – If not installed properly the first time, this type of roof is quite susceptible to leaking. We get calls from customers who have had other roofing companies come out and try to fix the problem, but the leaks continue. We know how to solve this and have done so many times. Water is an interesting element to deal with, and it always requires a place to go (drainage). We can fix or replace a flat roof or low-slope roof and the leaking problem disappears.
  • Metal roofing – We love to install metal roofing because there are many advantages to this type of roofing material. It’s very strong and durable, it keeps your attic cooler because of its high energy efficiency, it lasts a very long time, and it requires no maintenance. These are all big advantages to the homeowner. Metal roofing is more expensive to install, but in the long run it can actually cost less because you don’t have to replace the roof as often as you would with other roof types, and won’t have to rely on expensive roof repairs.
  • Asphalt shingles – Still by far the most often-used roofing material, asphalt is easy to apply and it is the least expensive. Those two qualities alone make it very popular. In addition, a new asphalt shingle roof gives a home a great appearance.
  • Wood – Wood shingles and shakes are popular because of their more natural-looking appearance. They do require more maintenance than some other types.
  • Tile – Tile roofing can be made from concrete or clay. Both materials are extremely durable and in some cases the roof will last longer than the house itself. It is very resistant to fire. Tile is also quite heavy, and it tends to be more expensive. But for many of our customers, the look of their tile roof is worth every penny.
  • Slate – This is the most expensive type of roofing material, and it too will last a very long time. Slate is also very heavy, so the house needs to be strong enough to be able to handle it (in most modern homes, the weight is easily supported so it’s not an issue).

We also handle a variety of other types of home improvement projects for our customers, beyond what we do in roofing.

Home Improvement Projects We Perform

  • Siding – We handle all types of siding installation, including aluminum, vinyl, cedar shingles, wood clapboard and stucco. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages and the price varies greatly among the different types of siding. We can go over these options with you to find one that you like and is affordable.
  • Windows – Replacement windows of today are extremely energy efficient, so in addition to looking great they will also lower your utility bills. They are a great investment in your home. The one nice thing about windows, is you can replace a section of the house at one time, or do it all at once. If you have a sun room with 4 to 6 windows, and you are currently on a budget, you can replace those windows for the spring, and then prepare to replace windows in the living room or upstairs of you home in the fall and winter. That is not really the case with other home improvement projects you work on.
  • Gutters – We have extensive experience with gutters because of the many roofing jobs we have completed. It is vital that rainwater is drained off properly in a good gutter and downspout system. We are experts in specialty drainage systems and can make sure you have no water-related problems with your roof.
  • Insulation – Properly installed insulation is another factor in making your home energy efficient. You need your attic to be as cool as possible in the summer, and high quality insulation is one of the key factors in that. Over time, insulation will pay for itself in reduced utility bills because your AC system won’t have to work as hard to keep the living areas cool.

Give us a call to discuss your situation. We can offer advice in all these areas, and give you a free estimate on your project. We are environmentally conscious and use “green” products whenever possible. We would also like to recommend another company if you happen to have a home in Maryland that you are looking to have some roof work completed.  The Home Wise Pros are roofing contractors in Maryland and perform outstanding work and provide a great price in the area. They have been in business for more than 20 years and we have referred several people looking to replace their roof in Maryland.  You won’t go wrong with their price or their service.  However, if you are in Pennsylvania, we want to hear from you today.  Give us a call and see what makes us stand out compared to all of the others in the area.

We look forward to working with you!

We offer professional roofing and home improvement services throughout PA.