Flat Roof Replacement in Elizabethtown and Lancaster

Flat roof replacement differs in a number of ways from our roofing projects that involve the more traditional with a slope. Probably the biggest difference has to do with the material used. For flat roof replacement, we cannot use tornado destruction of roofasphalt shingles, slate, wood or tile like we would on other roofing jobs. Instead, we use a tapered insulation system that allows for proper drainage.

For many people, hearing the term “flat roof replacement” would mean that the project is being done on a commercial roof. While it’s true that many commercial buildings are constructed with a flat roof, it is becoming more common to hear about residential settings with that type of roofing as well. Even if most of the structure has the common sloped roof, there may be a section of roofing (such as a sunroom) that is built with a flat roof.We regularly get calls from people who have had a flat roof for quite some time, and have had continuous problems with it leaking. In some cases, people tell us that they have had that leak problem for many years, in spite of other roofing companies coming out and supposedly fixing the problem. Yet the leak continues. However, when we are through, the leak problems are no more. These are the kind of flat roof replacement jobs that we love, because the customer is so happy to finally not have to deal with the leaking any more.

The primary problem with most flat roofs is that there is no way for the water to drain off properly. In order for water to drain off to the ground, it has to rely on gravity to pull it down to the lowest point of the roof, where it runs into the gutter, the downspout, and finally to the ground. On a flat roof, there is often the problem of “ponding” – this means that instead of draining, the water just sits on top of the membrane and over time it will leak through. This may actually void the warranty on the membrane, and in some cases can cause bacteria or undesirable vegetative growth right on the roof. Unless you have planted a rooftop garden, nothing should be growing up there!

Roof repaired in PAAs mentioned above, when we do a flat roof replacement we solve the problem of ponding and improper drainage through the use of tapered roof insulation. The tapered insulation preferred by many contractors is a product called tapered polyiso. There are a few reasons for its popularity:

-Physical properties: it is very strong, very stable, it absorbs virtually no water, and it transmits no moisture vapor
-Excellent insulation properties
-It is compatible with just about every roof membrane

The key to this product being the solution in a flat roof replacement is that it is indeed tapered. So, whenever the rain lands on it, the rainwater is technically no longer landing on a flat roof as it was before; this is now technically speaking, a “low-slope roof”. With the slight tapering, the rain is going to be pulled downward to the lowest point of the roof, where it gets transferred to the drainage system or directly to the ground. Keep in mind, this tapering is very slight, so that anyone that glances up at the roof would probably still assume it is a flat roof.

Since the flat roof replacement project is one of the things we do regularly, we can come out and take a look at your situation and see what would be the best solution to the problem. Your roof protects everything in your home; it makes sense to maintain it properly.

We offer professional flat roof replacement services throughout Elizabethtown, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and all surrounding areas.