Metal roofing, which continues to gain in popularity, is still somewhat of an unusual concept for some of our customers. Most people have only had experience with the traditional asphalt shingles, so we are happy to explain to them some of the advantages of metal roofing:•They look nice. Metal roofing comes in a variety of different colors, so you can choose one that suits the way you want your home to look.

image of newly finished metal roof

•They are a good investment. A metal roof can last as long as 50 years, so even though the initial cost might be more than other roof types, you won’t have the expense of replacing the roof every 15 years. This is also a big advantage if you decide to sell the house at some point – the buyer can rest assured that replacing the roof will not be an expense he or she needs to anticipate shortly after moving in.

•They are strong. Metal roofing is built to withstand hurricane-force winds, so in the event of a bad storm your home is much less likely to have damage to the roof. In fact, in some cases you may qualify for a lower homeowner’s insurance premium if you have a metal roof. Check with your insurance agent.

•They are energy efficient. In the heat of the Pennsylvania summer, your roof is constantly exposed to the sun. A metal roof tends to reflect a high percentage of the radiant energy coming from the sun, which means that your attic does not get as hot. So your central air conditioning system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your living area at a comfortable temperature. That means more affordable utility bills for you.

•They require no maintenance. This is one of the most popular features with homeowners – you don’t have to do anything to make sure your metal roofing is working the way it is supposed to. One less thing to remember – your roof is doing fine!

•They are very durable. If you are comparing to an asphalt shingle roof, you have to assume the shingle roof will need to be replaced a few times before the metal roof would. In some cases, the metal roof can outlast the home itself.

There is a common misconception about metal roofing that we need to address here. We are sometimes asked, “Isn’t a metal roof very noisy during a hard rain?” This is a logical question, because the sound of water hitting metal would seem to make for a noisy environment inside the house. In fact, the opposite is true – metal roofing is actually often quieter than other roofing materials. The reason for this is the way it is installed. Starting at the bottom is the wooden roof deck (which is your attic ceiling). On top of that is a radiant barrier, then a very dense foam board (this is to add to the insulation and energy efficiency, keeping your attic cool). On top of that is another radiant barrier, and then you have the metal roof over that. So, with all those layers in between the rain and your living area down below, chances are you will never hear the raindrops hitting the roof.

Having installed many metal roofs over the years, we have the skills and experience to do a professional job for you. Our crews are trained by the manufacturers to install by their strict specifications and guidelines, which is why we offer a full 10-year workmanship warranty on every roof we install. Give us a call, and we will come out and discuss the options with you.

We offer professional metal roofing installations throughout Elizabethtown, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and all surrounding areas.